Bali Travel Diary Day 7-12

After a nice sleep my homestay offered to make me some breakfast, but eating fried rice at 9:00am is just not for me. Instead I stopped for some strawberries at the local market and has those for breakfast before my coach journey back to Kuta. So Kuta, Seminyak & Canggu all run along the coast line and after advice from a few different people we chose to stay in Seminyak. After maybe 3 hours on the coach, I arrived in Kuta and booked a grab to my hostel. My driver was so lovely and told me about the places we had to visit, to eat and to party.


Now I’d not been partying at all whilst I was on my own so the next two days were definitely the days to party. It was so nice seeing a friendly face in my hostel room. Originally it was only me and Lena coming on the Bali trip, but Agi rang me 2 days in and booked a flight. So fun! So Bali has a lotttt of beach clubs but the two most popular are FINNS and Potato Head. We had to wait for Lena’s flight to land so we had some predrinks, got ready and went to check out FINNS. It was pretty much exactly how I imagined it tbf, it had a cool vibe, good music and an amazing sunset!

Now me and Lena were insepeperable in Byron so it was so nice to see her after so long! We were like little kids and were so excited to be back together. Before going out we stopped for some food then headed to a club called La Favela. Sadly Lena was not allowed to come in because you had to be 21, but she was pretty tired so didn’t mind going home. We stayed at the Umahku Apartments Seminyak  for 2 nights (£14) which was a great location, being bang in the centre and only a 15-minute walk to the beach. The hostel itself was so nice too, I’d highly recommend it! La Favela was a very fun night out with lots of different rooms and a mixture of R&B, latin and dance music.

Potato Head Beach Club

This was without a doubt one of the funniest days of my Bali Trip. It was literally everything you could want for a chilled day. Great food, cocktails in the pool, great weather and amazing company.

Of course everyone going to a beach club wants to have a day bed where they can chill, but after a big night the night before, we didn’t get there until 11:30 and we were number 19 on the waitlist. Tbf we didn’t really need a bed because there were mini lockers by the pool where we could leave our stuff. It was nice to get a bed at 4pm though and just chill out and watch the prettiest sunset EVER!

Today was the day where I did not think about money, I just thought about having fun. It was expensive in terms of other Balinese places, but still really cheap! We all spent around £1million Rr each, which is only about £50 for brunch, dinner, a day bed and lots of cocktails!

After a day of fun we headed back to the hostel, got ready and went to the famous Old Mans Bar in Canggu. Unluckily for us the music stopped 10 minutes after we arrived! Everyone was telling us about a rave on the beach but we were pretty tired and just made our way back. I was also told about a club that’s in the back of a mini mart but we didn’t have the time to check that out. I’m not really bothered that we didn’t explore Kuta because I’ve heard its a pretty divey place, but I have heard that its a fun night out so maybe that’s something I’ll do if I come back.


Getting on the perama coach to ubud (£3) we were a bit hungover, eating some instant noodles, and I had nearly completely lost my voice. Sometimes that happens when I party a lot, whoops. We booked into the lovely Ubud Tropical for 2 nights (£14.50), in a 10-bed dorm. This was such a nice place in the middle of a little jungle I absolutely loved it there! We did plan to go and see some temples but we were all so exhausted, the only thing we did on the first night was go for some AMAZING food at a little restaurant near our hotel.

On Day 2 we hired 2 scooters from our hostel for the day (£7) and set off to explore what Ubud had to offer. First stop was the Monkey Sanctuary where we got to see lots of cuties, and of course one jumped on my shoulder to get into my backpack. It was cool to see the monkeys but it was super touristy and I wouldn’t say its a must on my Bali visit list.

Next we visited the Tegenungan waterfall which was really pretty but again very crowded. I know there is a lot more beautiful waterfalls in Bali but we just didn’t want to spend hours on the scooters.

We finished of our brief Ubud tour at the Tegalalang Rice Terrace in the North of Bali and it did not disappoint! It was so beautiful walking along the paths through the terraces. Well it was until we got chased by a hornet for ages because we all thought it was smart to wear yellow.

Mount Batur

Only having 2 days in Ubud meant that we had to book our volcano hike for the morning after. We were pretty knackered after our day but we had a quick nap, then met our driver at 2am. Funny enough we didn’t book the tour with a tourist guide because we were unorganised, but we booked it through one of our Ubud grab drivers. Arriving at the base camp we had a pancake, some tea and drove to the start point. We were told that as we were in peak season 400-500 people were climbing up the volcano with us. It was quite weird looking behind us and seeing hundreds of torch lights. The hike itself I’d say was a moderate intensity and most people who are relatively active will be able to complete the hike with no problem.

The views as the sun rose behind Mount Rinjani and Lombok were absolutely insane!!!

The walk down was quite an easy walk as it was pretty much just sliding down mud slides. It was also pretty cool to see the size of the volcano we had hiked when we reached the bottom.

Seminyak and Ubud were amazing places to visit! I was really excited to see what the rest of the trip would hold!

Next Stop … Nusa Lembongan

Tara X


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