Bali Travel Diary: Day 4-6

Day 4. Balangan Beach
I was so excited about my trip to Balangan, because I’d booked to stay at the Absolute Beachfront Apartments and the room looked so cool online! The room was really cute, but a lot smaller than it looks on! I’m not complaining because I loved my stay there, and for £14 to stay on the beachfront for a night, I was really happy.

Balangan is quite a small town with not much to do besides sunbathe and surf, so I just went for a walk to a lookout point, just 10 minutes from my accommodation. The views were unreal, and clearly popular, as I saw two different married couples having wedding photos.

Everything was a lot cheaper here than in Nusa Dua and Uluwatu which was nice. It also meant that I didn’t mind paying 50,000 IDR (~£3) to rent a sunlounger and umbrella for the day. I got pretty burnt the day before and really needed a day out of the sun. It was so nice just relaxing and watching the surf all day. Balangan is another famous surf beach in Bali so I was lucky and got to watch some really good surf.

The hostel at the end of the beach had a BBQ dinner special with tuna, mahi mahi and prawns for 120,000 IDR, and I obviously couldn’t say no to that. I was lucky enough to see another amazing sunset as I ate, and it’s now the only way I want to eat dinner. I stayed in the hostel for a while and used the wifi, only to get back and find a wifi password in my bedside drawer in the morning.

Day 5. Jimbaran
I set my alarm for 6 because I told myself that I was going to watch the sunrise from my bed, but unfortunately it was really cloudy, and to be honest I don’t think I was in the best spot for sunrise. Either way, it was still really nice to sit up for 20 minutes and watch the waves, before having a quick nap and heading off to my next destination, Jimbaran Bay.

So I booked into the Bali Utopia Backpacker Hostel thinking that I’d get to meet some people, but I was literally the only guest checked into the whole hostel! It was quite annoying because I could have stayed in a really nice B&B for the same price (£8) and not have got bitten by so many mosquitos. I did enjoy my stay though because the manager was really nice and took me to the shops and to the beach on her scooter, and gave me some good travel tips. I didn’t really get up to much at all in Jimbaran. I just sunbathed for an hour, had a little walk around then went back and napped. I then went and got a really cheap dinner from next door and watched Netflix. A super chilled out day.

Day 6. Bedugul
In the morning I got a grab car from my hostel to Kuta, as I had booked a return Perama shuttle bus from Kuta to Bedugul. My taxi driver was so nice and gave me so many different travel tips, and advice on the best places to go for nights out. I’m so excited for the girls to get here tomorrow. I’ve not really drank or partied at all yet, so I’m excited to go on a few good nights out! The drive into Bedugul was beautiful! The town is up in the mountains and the views on the drive were insane! After a 3 hour drive I checked into the Pelangi Homestay where I paid £9 for the night. Again this is a great location in Bedugul because the key things are all within walking distance.

You’ll notice that everyone will be trying to sell you strawberries and you have to buy them. They are all grown in the mountains and they are delicious! My first stop was the botanical gardens which were so cool. The gardens were filled with temples, lots of different plants and a really cool viewpoint of Lake Danau Beratan. If you are walking it though, be prepared to get your walking shoes on. I didn’t even go to all of the sections and I was walking pretty much non-stop for 2 hours. My calves are going to be in absolute bits tomorrow. It was such a rewarding walk though, I really enjoyed seeing so many different types of plants and the amazing mountain views which surround the gardens.

Next stop was the famous Pura Ulan Beratan Temple. Just a 20 minute walk from the gardens (yes another walk), and 40,000 IDR later, I got to see the temple that everyone wants to see in Bali. The gardens surrounding the temple itself were so beautiful, I love how intricately all of the temple buildings are designed.

Of course the grounds were filled with tourists like myself trying to get that cool picture with the temple in the background. As I’m still travelling on my own I’ve had to ask people to take pictures of me but people really don’t mind. It’s funny because today 5/6 Indonesian people asked to have a selfie with me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m English or what but I think it’s quite funny. The temple itself really did live up to the Instagram hype and I was really happy that I came to visit it! I’m sad that I didn’t have the time to rent a traditional canoe and take a trip across the lake. If you have the time, I’d definitely book two nights in Bedugul because it is beautiful. There are also lots of nice markets which you can visit which I didn’t have the chance to see.

Originally I wanted to get a grab car to the Hidden Hills in Wanagiri but they are not available in that area. So instead I went to a local tourist info and transport shop and organised for a driver to take me there, wait for me to visit the place, eat and then take me home. This was all for 200,000 IDR (~£10) which is crazy cheap when I think about how long I took. I’ve learnt that this is quite a common thing to rent a driver for a time period, and they will take you to the different destinations that you want.

The hidden hills overlooked the twin lakes Danau Tamblingan and Danau Buyan, and they featured a series of different photograph platforms all handmade in different shapes it was so cool! It was 150,000 IDR for all of the platforms but I only really wanted a few, so I just had to pay 50,000. Someone then came and took as many photos as I wanted in the different frames which was really fun. Definetly worth a visit if you want to get some really cool pics!

On the way back my driver Adi took me to this small food place where we got to watch the sky change as the sun set and have some fried rice of course. It was absolutely stunning! Some of the views I’ve seen today are easily up there with some of the best I’ve ever seen! It was such a nice last day of solo travelling, now I’m super excited for my friends to arrive tomorrow.

Next stop… Seminyak

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