Bali Travel Diary: Day 13-18

Now there’s different ways of organising ferry transport in Bali. You can book packages online/through tourist agencies, where you can include coach pick up/drop off. Or you can also just go directly to the ferry points. We wanted to be organised so we booked a ferry with transport online through camel travel.

Watching everyone trying to get on the boat was hilarious, we all just got absolutely drenched because of the tide. It’s a nice short trip of only 45 minutes to Nusa Lembongan, where we booked into the Taman Sea View Hotel for 2 nights. Just driving to our Hotel we got to see how beautiful the island is! As we arrived pretty late though we just went for dinner and had a really chilled night.

The Nusa Islands are really small and easy to get around so we rented 2 scooters for the same price (£7). Getting to Nusa Ceningan was really easy, we just had to go across the big yellow bridge and we were on the next little island. First shop was the famous Blue Lagoon.

I know it’s expected with the name but it was INSANELY blue! The strength of the waves were also crazy. We sat in awe for a good 10 minutes watching them crash against the rocks.

Another MUST see on every Bali trip! Next stop was the secret beach. Now if you google map secret beach it will bring you to a cool private beach in a hotel. It was really nice, but it was a rocky beach with crazy waves which you couldn’t swim in.

So we google mapped nearby and we found the secret point beach which was great. It was a small quiet beach with unbelievably clear water.

So the girls both drove the scooters because I haven’t got my license, but I really wanted to have a go, so why not. Well lets just say that it didn’t end well. I deffo did not realise how sensitive the accelerator was. Then at the same time as breaking, I accelerated, kicked my feet up and just ended up on the floor in shock with my boobs out. All I was thinking was damn now I’m going to have to pay to fix the bike, but luckily it was barely marked. I was pretty lucky as well because I only had one cut on my leg and a few grazes. The lesson was definitely learned and I’ll think a lot more carefully before getting on a scooter again.

Anyways moving on, we went and had lunch at the Le Pirate Cafe . It is the cutest little restaurant and hotel on the sea front, with delicious food.

Next was snorkelling! I was a bit sore but there was no way I was going to feel sorry for myself and miss out. We didn’t want to go on a big group trip so we just organised a boat with a guy at the port yelling “snorkelling”. This may sound weird but this is the sort of thing that is normal in Bali. We payed around £10 each for 3 hours of snorkelling at 3 different sites. Our guide didn’t speak much English at all but he was still lovely and we had an amazing time with just the 4 of us.

In comparison to the Great Barrier Reef in Aus, the spots in Bali were much more colourful! So many fish, beautiful coral reefs and I saw 2 turtles. That’s the first time I have seen them in the sea and it was honestly one of the best days of my life. Turtles are just so cool I love them!

We ended the day with a lovely dinner at the Hai Bar and Grill beach restaurant in Nusa Lembongan. One of my friends had recommended it and it was unreal! I’ll never miss an opportunity to devour a pizza.

So the initial plan was to spend the last few nights on Nusa Penida, and then Seminyak, but we decided that we wanted to just pick one place to stay. Lena is a quite a big surfer and wanted to check out some of Bali’s famous surf so we decided to make Padang Padang our base. We booked into Bombora Surf Camp for our last 4 nights and we had the cutest little room. The camp also had the cutest puppy called Shelby, and of course a puppy makes everything better. Even though I’d already been to these areas, I loved it there so I was really happy to be going back.

We had lunch at the cutest little place called Nalu Bowls where they have lots of different smoothie bowls, with fresh fruit. Of course I got an acai bowl because I’m obsessed with it!

Padang was a beautiful as before, but it is just such a crowded beach. It’s probably one of the most crowded beaches in Bali, so if you want somewhere peaceful then this is not the beach for you! We then went to Bingin Beach and had a lovely seafood grill dinner and watched a beautiful sunset. These Bali sunsets never get old! We then went to this cute little beach bar and listened to the amazing harahimself. Somehow the girls convinced me to get up and sing a few with him. I’m glad they did because it was so fun. Such a cute night with the girls, we had so much fun.

The next day I took my girls to the same Bukit cafe and the second time did not disappoint.  I had a yummy green vegan burger and the girls had some yummy breaky foods. Lena’s deffo looked a lot nicer than mine but trust me mine was delicious.

We headed back to Bingin Beach and me and Lena rented some surf boards (£1.5) and went out for an hour. It was so fun to get back on a board, and it was actually the best I’ve ever did, catching 6 waves to shore. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but to me I was really happy with that. I totally forgot how tiring surfing was tho, wow! And of course I’m Tara so I full blown sliced two of my toes because the water is so shallow there. So it was a Sunday and we were told that Single Fin was the place to be, so of course we had some drinks on the beach and got ready. Single Fin is definetly somewhere you should visit in Bali. The DJ was great and we just danced for hours. We didn’t quite make it for sunset but if you can then the views from there are unreal. I love how the sun will set over the sea in Bali, there’s very few things that are as beautiful as that.

The next day we headed to the well known Dreamland Beach, just a bit further up the coast, and rented some bean bags. The waves here were actually insane! They were so big and dumpy right at the beach front, no one was even in the water, apart from these crazy surfers. They were just getting wiped out, left, right and centre it was crazy. If you have the time on your travels it is a cool place to visit, it’s entertaining as well, watching all of the tourists pose for ridiculous photos.

We spent our last day in Bali back at Bingin beach, having a seafood dinner and back at the little live music bar which we loved. I couldn’t think of a nicer way to spend my last night with my amazing girlies.

As much as I didn’t want the trip to end, it was time to go see my friends and family after a year away and I was so excited!!

Next stop England!

Tara X


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