Bali Travel Diary: Day 1-3

Day 1. Nusa Dua
Usually I’m quite an organised person when it comes to travelling, but only the day before did I decide to start my trip in Nusa Dua. This small town about 30 minutes from the airport is known for its beautiful beaches and water sports. My journey started with trying to find the cheapest way to get to my hotel. My first thought was to get a grab car which is a type of uber, because it was cheap at only 100,000 IDR (~£5). In the end I ended up getting an airport taxi, as apparently they are illegal from the airport. With it being my first day I didn’t want to get in any trouble, so I bartered with the guy and got it down from 400,000 to 320,000 IDR.

Pulling up to my hotel through all of these alley ways it looked really dodgy, but it turned out to be okay. I had booked to stay at Nusa Airy Bungalows for £13 for one night. After dropping all of my stuff, I went to a local restaurant and ordered veggie Nasi Goreng. The price of this dish can vary from 25 -70K IDR (£1.5-£4), depending on which part of Bali you are visiting. I know I’m going to be eating so much of this Indonesian food because it’s really yummy and so cheap. It just reminds me of hungover days with my uni girls, ordering takeout. If you are travelling Bali on a budget you will definitely be eating a lot of fried rice/noodles.

Now I knew that Tanjung Nusa Dua beach had some water sports available, but I did not realise exactly how much. The whole beach was lined with boats and every two minutes a different person would come up and try to sell me a water sport activity. As much as I wanted to jump on a jet ski, I wanted to wait until my friends arrived to do them together. Originally only one of my Byron friends were going to meet me, but now two of them are coming on Sunday and I’m so excited! Anyways, I just ended up finding a quiet spot on the beach for 2 hours and just relaxed. In the evening I found a lovely seafood restaurant and had a tuna steak whilst a band sang “hey Jude” of all songs. I then went and got an hour full body massage and it was amazing. At only £4 a massage I’ll deffo be getting a few of those whilst I’m here!

Day 2. Uluwatu
Uluwatu was my next stop where I booked for 1 night in the Ropik and Alik home stay, also for £13. It’s day 2 and I’ve realised that toilet roll isn’t used much at all here. Always have a packet of tissues with you! If you are like me and don’t have a driving license, then this is the place to stay.

Literally everyone has a scooter, I felt a little silly at first walking along all of these country roads. It’s quite nice though to get some exercise and walk everywhere, it’s not like I’ll be hitting the gym anytime soon. It took me about 15/20 minutes to walk to Suluban beach, where I stopped for lunch at the Warung cafe and watched the surf before sunbathing. To get to the beach you had to climb though this little cave and it was just crazy beautiful, a MUST see in Bali!

I then made my way to the famous Uluwatu temple which overlooks the sea. This is where everyone comes to take those Instagram sunset pictures, so after having a look around, I found my spot and waited. Whilst you admire the views, do be careful to avoid the monkeys. I watched them steal a shoe, a scarf, a water bottle and even someone’s earring.

I’ve been trying my best to save money where I can, so that when the girls arrive I can splash out. This meant walking the 15/20 minute walk back. I wouldn’t exactly wouldn’t advise it though, walking back in the dark was not that nice. I stopped at Mikes Kitchen for some grilled fish and cheesy garlic bread and it was lovely. I hope everyone is as obsessed with garlic bread as I am because it is one of the best foods ever. Whilst I’m on my own I’ve been getting back pretty early, so I just facetimed my mum and watched some Netflix.

Day 3. Padang and Bingin
It’s a new day and time for a new place! From doing some research I found out about the Blue Bird Taxi service which is another sort of Uber app but you can pay cash too. Of course the locals told me that they wouldn’t come here because they want you to use their transport, but it did. I’m still abit unclear about what’s okay to use and where because in every place I go it’s different. As far as I gathered, it was fine to use them in this area so I got one to the Merta Sari Bingin Bungalows. Where again I payed £13 for one night. This is another great place as it was within walking distance to a lot of places.

On the 20 minute walk to Padang Padang beach (Paduan Sait beach), I stopped at Bukit cafe and had a delicious brunch. I’d highly recommend this place if you fancy a bite to eat as they have soo many different options. Eating out has shown me how much Indonesia really values good customer service, as everyone is always so polite! It’s also crazy and a bit unnecessary to be honest how many members of staff some restaurants have. If you want to do a bit of shopping then this is a good walk too, as it passes lots of shops from small market like shops, to big brands like Billabong and Quicksilver.

The beach was insanely beautiful and it was exactly what I had imagined Bali to be like. This is one of the many famous surfing beaches in Bali and I can see why, the waves were so cool! I’m waiting for Lena to arrive so we can surf together because I’m still very much a beginner.


After spending about 3 hours sunbathing and avoiding the monkeys, I felt abit sun strokey so I got a taxi to the next place. All of these beaches involve walking down what seems to be hundreds of steps, so get ready for some good workouts. To get to Bingin Beach you have to walk through this pretty hotel bar which reminded me of a Greek island bar it was so pretty, and all in white.

After having a nap under an umbrella, I sat down at the Lucky Fish restaurant on the beach. I really wanted to have freshly grilled snapper but they were just selling it as a whole fish, and as much as I love it, there’s no way I would’ve ate it all. So instead I had a mahi mahi bbq as the sun set on the beach, along with my first cocktail of the holiday. This is another MUST on your Bali travel list!

Next stop… Balangan Beach

Tara X


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